• Maxfit Gloves

    MAXIMUM     Grip, Dexterity, Touch Sensitivity, Comfort and Fit!

Maxfit gloves with ThingloveTM technology are truly an amazing development in glove science! Professional Gardeners and Landscapers depend on Maxfits for maximum GRIP (even in wet and oily conditions), TOUCH SENSITIVITY, DEXTERITY, COMFORT & FIT.

With MAXFIT, you can gently handle fragile bulbs and shoots like a Pro, Plus …
Planting Trimming Pruning Edging
Clean Up Weeding Fertilizing Spraying
Harvesting Watering Seeding Cultivating
Composting Landscaping Digging

Hi-dex (standard Black glove)
MAXFITTM gloves never make you sweat. They can be used for hours, reused over and over again and then washed and dried with your regular laundry. Perfect for backyard cleanups, MAXFITTM are skin friendly and used by:

• Gardeners, Landscapers, Growers and Farmers
• Tree Arborists and Outside Workers
• Tradesmen and Construction Workers
• Hobbyists, Photographers and Sports Enthusiasts

MAXFITS reduce hand fatigue and provide incredible grip even in wet and oily conditions.
MAXFIT CR series – Cut- and Abrasion-resistant Gloves (White or Tan)
The new CR series gloves provide the same performance characteristics as the original Hidex glove. They are offered in a level 3 abrasion-resistant version with: fiber 12 times stronger than steel, grip 40% better when dry and 400% better in wet or oily conditions, abrasion resistance better than leather. Cut resistance to EN388 standard level 5. If you are handling abrasive rocks, bricks, stones and such, give MAXFITTM CR 3’s a try!

When you are gardening and there is a chill in the air, MAXFIT “THERMALS” are specially made for work in cold environments (2 to 15 degrees C) and offer the additional warmth provided by hollow fiber insulation. These gloves are the right choice when dexterity and grip are a necessity. Handle cold weather yard work with confidence!


MAXFIT Gloves are skin-friendly, containing no latex or natural rubber.
The patented polymer coating on the palm and fingers helps restore hand gripping capabilities to patients with Arthritis and other hand weakening conditions; people who love to garden but feel limited because of their health.
Maxfit gloves are invaluable for gripping tools, opening cans and jars, handling bulbs and shoots, and much more. They can be immersed in water and washed and dried with your regular laundry. Maxfits can be worn for hours without sweating, thereby promoting skin health. The Thermal version provides exceptional grip in cold environments. Maxfit Thermals utilize hollow fibre insulation technology to keep your hands warm in in cold environments.

In Canada — Buy MAXFIT Gloves with Confidence!
Why take chances purchasing from just anybody on The Net? They could be anywhere in the world and selling who knows what without the proper authority and product knowledge. You may end up with a cheap pair of knock-offs or worse. Remember: There is just one MAXFIT! Contact 1 800 361 8723 (www.selectmarketinginc.com) and, during regular business hours, a knowledgeable, ‘live’ customer service representative will put you in contact with an approved MAXFITTM Distributor in your area. You can trust Select Marketing Canada Ltd. We are a fully-accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.