Summer’s here and with it comes hot, humid weather. Stay cool with MAXFITTM gloves. Their unique, ThingloveTM technology will keep your hands dry and comfortable all day long. A truly amazing development in glove science,  all MAXFITTM gloves off

  • Maximum GRIP
  • Maximum DEXTERITY
  • Maximum COMFORT & FIT

Hidex (standard Black glove) COMFORT and GRIP!

Developed by a European scientist, MAXFITTM gloves never make you sweat.  They can be used for hours, reused over and over again and then washed and dried with your regular laundry. MAXFITTM are used by:


  •  Gardeners, Landscapers, Tradesmen and Outside Workers
  • Mechanics, Computer Technicians and Maintenance Staff
  • Couriers, Transit Drivers, Warehousing and Logistics Operations
  • Police, Security, Military and EMS Workers
  • Hobbyists and Photographers
  • College Athletes, Hunters, Anglers, Rock Climbers, Watercraft Operators and other Sports Enthusiasts

MAXFIT’s reduce hand fatigue and provide incredible grip even in wet and oily conditions. They are skin-friendly, containing no Nitrile , Latex or natural rubber.

MAXFITTM Gloves are the “Perfect Gloves” for Summer Work and Summer Fun!


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