Retail and Distribution opportunities for MAXFIT Gloves currently exist in many Canadian markets plus The UK, Israel and The Middle East. This is a wonderful chance to expand or diversify an existing business with a remarkable product line. Gardeners, Landscapers, Mechanics & Technicians, Tradesmen,  Professional Drivers/Riders and Sports Enthusiasts appreciate MAXFIT’s incredible touch sensitivity and grip.

You will control your own protected territory and receive personalized, comprehensive training plus support materials. Renewable Licensed Distributorship Agreements are initially for 2 years, with subsequent 5-year options, providing you meet the terms of your Distributor Agreement and are happy with our performance. Traditional retailer relationships are also available to retail stores focused on exceptional customer care.

Get to know Select Marketing Canada Ltd

SMC is a fully-accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. We are committed to delivering total customer satisfaction and providing products that truly meet the needs of consumers. In addition to MAXFIT Gloves, our product portfolio includes:

  • THENTIX A Touch of HoneyTM Skin Conditioner

Made in Canada, THENTIX nourishes hydrates and heals dry skin conditions. Contains numerous vitamins and plant extracts and, of course, A Touch of Honey.

  • THENTIX (natural) Pain Formula

Features the fire substance found in Hot Peppers, natural Sulfur and Wintergreen Extract among other natural ingredients. This formula is popular with people suffering from Arthritis, muscle aches, back strain and headaches.

  • THENTIX Premium Lip Balm

This new lip care product protects and softens lips. SPF 15 UV protection. It may cost a little more but it sure works … Naturally!

  • URAD/Tenderly Leather Creams

Cleans, nourishes, polishes and protects leathers. Imported from Italy, URAD can also be used on vinyl, plastic and rubber products. Commercially, URAD is sold to golf courses, footwear stores, shoe and leather repair shops, tack shops, shoeshine businesses, furniture stores, automotive and tire retailers, detailers, etc.

  • DREAM SILKS Duvets & Bedding

Line includes Duvets, Mattress and Pillow Covers. DREAM SILKS feature long-strand silk, are non-allergenic and are targeted to Interior Decorators, Hospitality Providers and consumers with exacting tastes.   .

  • MIGI Cosmetics/Nail Art

A popular line of cosmetics targeted to young women. Commercial sales include nail salons, drug stores, mass merchandisers and ladies’ events.


Choose one or any of the items that best suit your business and market needs. Call today!

  Bruce Fleischer, B.Sc. President & CEO, Select Marketing Canada Ltd.

1 (800) 361 8723    (905) 238 7200

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