Maxfits provide the Racer’s Edge!

Dragon Boat Racers know that Maxfit gloves, with ThingloveTM technology, can make the difference between turning in a winning performance and simply competing.  Dragon Boat participants support an important cause and are true athletes.

At Select Marketing Canada, we have participated in a number of these festivals and have received a lot of feedback on the gloves and the advantages the wearer’s enjoy, including:

  • Incredible Grip – Maxfits provide a spider-like grip in wet and slippery conditions (this is a huge advantage for participants racing on fresh or salt water)
  • Reduced Hand Fatigue – The polymer palm coating grips tightly (so you don’t have to).  Maxfits also help reduce hand-slip injuries.
  • Total Comfort – ThingloveTM technology and Maxfit construction remain cool and worn for hours without sweating.
  •  High Dexterity & Touch Sensitivity – the ability to feel and manipulate small items means you can leave the gloves on even when you are onshore and not racing.  
  • Non-allergenic and Skin-friendly – these  gloves contain no Nitrile or Latex, can be worn over and over again and then washed and dried with your regular laundry.

Get the Racers Edge today!

Visit or call 1 800 361 8734

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